Issue 5 of ScubaCore DVD will include (among other things) shows about two very special destinations:


Komodo, Indonesia: Join Anat for a 10-day trip from Bali to Komodo and back with Kararu Dive Voyages. Check out the incredible variety of dive sites and marine life at this destination, where in one day you can watch pygmy seahorses in the morning and swim with mantas in the afternoon. And of course no trip to Komodo would be complete without a trip to the island to see the formidable Komodo Dragons. If you'd like to watch a trailer, we've posted both PC and Mac versions.

Fiji is well-known for its abundant soft corals and colorful fish life, and the liveaboard NAI'A is a great way to explore the abundance of dive sites that Fiji has to offer. The friendly (and musical!) crew made us feel instantly right at home, as if we were part of a big family. On our trip we saw a pair of hairy ghost pipefish on the very first dive, and believe it or not, it only got better after that! Check out the trailer for this show to see what we mean: PC version; Mac version.

Stay tuned for updates on Issue 5!