Ocean Adventures Dive Co. 1915 Lincoln, Venice, CA
Your local dive shop is a very important component in your developement as a diver, it can help bring you together with other like-minded individuals and simply, go diving. The ScubaCore team is based in southern California, and our local dive shop is Ocean Adventures. In our "Spotlight" series we'll be visiting dive shops and dive clubs aroun the world. We're hoping to learn how thee world dives, for real!

Diving is one of the few sports, along with sky-diving, in which your gear is also your life-support system. We'll talk with some of the manufacturers of these essential products, as well as the people who will wind up selling them to you, the dive consumer. Our goal is to offer as many different points off view and options as possible, without being beholden to any one way of doing things. We're not here to review gear either, we're just going to try to figure out what makes each of thee companies different.

Dive clubs and dive retailers are the unofficial front line when it comes to diving. They are the ones that certify you, and get you going on the journey of a lifetime that can span the seven seas. We'll be speaking with organizations that promote diving. Everything from small clubs in the States, to more organized diving "lodges" with club houses and their own boats. Our goal is to help the international diving community get to know each other a little better, so we started in our back yard and had a conversation with our buddy Steve Ladd, owner of our local dive shop, and sponsor of our local dive club.