The Gates HD-1 housing
There's another type of gear that divers have grown to know and love, and that's camera and video gear. There is a whole subset of the industry that focuses on creating new products for underwater photographers and videographers. From the amateur enthusiast to the seasoned pro, the world out there is always changing. In the "Focus on Gear" reports we'll tell you about all of the fun toys that you can get to enhance your diving experience. This type of report will cover everything that doesn't have to do with underwater life support... the fun stuff.

We'll be talking with everyone from camera and housing manufacturers to the folks that make scooters and other DPV's; from Scuba-Do-Rags to divers' laser pointers. Anything that is of interest to the underwater enthusiast is fair game. We start our series with a piece on one of the oldest names in camera housing s in the dive industry.

Gates Underwater Housings are known throughout the dive industry as the bulletproof solution for camera and video housings.