Hawaiian Monk Seal by David Fleetham
This is our inaugural segment of "Around the World with ..." a series of reports that feature conversations with underwater photographers, film makers and other visual artists. The general public tends to view the oceans through these people's vision. We'll take a look at who they are, what motivates them, what gear they use and the secret formula to taking world class pictures. OK, we were only kidding about the last two, that's where talent and creativity come in, a little bit intangible.

For our first segment we talked with David Fleetham, an underwater still photographer whose images have graced the covers of numerous magazines. His dive travels have taken him all over the planet, one of thee lucky few among us who has seen a lot of marine life, and captured it on film. We spoke to David about his roots in underwater photography, and where his journeys have taken him; we also spent some time looking at and discussing some of his most well known photographs. You'll discover, as we did, that David is a very nice, down to earth kind of guy, whose eyes still light up at the mention of humpback whales and whale sharks. Please join us in our ScubaCore report.