Clownfish on the House Reef
Divers are often guilty of the comparison game, it goes something like this: "We visited destination X, and it was OK, but the biodiversity wasn't nearly as great as Indonesia, and it's nothing like Cocos, and the currents were nowhere near as hairy as in Galapagos...etc etc." You get the picture, we can't seem to stop comparing one place to another, and we all have our favorites that we've been to. Then there are the favorites that we have heard of, places we haven't been to that we act like we know about. One of the places I've often heard of was a mythical area of southeastern Sulawesi called Wakatobi Marine Park.

The great Cousteau himself is said to have commented on the abundance of unique marine life here, and the ScubaCore team set out to find out more. We found ourselves at Wakatobi Dive Resort for ten days of diving, and it still didn't seem like enough. There are places that we go that have the power to change us, either by what we see or what we feel about a place. For some of us on the team, this was one of those places. Stay tuned for a preview in the next few weeks, you'll see we mean.