A Crab at night

The Nekton Pilot and the Nekton Rorqual have many different itineraries to choose from, depending on the season. These boats have a uniques shape called a SWATH design, and they claim to be more stable and spacious than your standard monohull vessel.

The Cay Sal Bank lies about 30 miles (49 km) north of Cuba and is a pretty convenient cruise from Ft. Lauderdale Florida, via Bimini. We were able to join up with the Nekton Rorqual one of her cruises to Cay Sal in the late summer, and explored the numerous blue holes and the reef diving available there. The reef is a healthy Caribbean melting pot of fish and coral, typical of the region with a few surprises. There are some large blue holes and some smaller ones that you can swim all the way around in a single dive, like nature's own big swimming pools in the ocean. The ScubaCore team enjoyed the dramatic geological formations of the blue holes, the prolific schools of fish found here, and some pretty exciting night dives. The sundeck is huge and the hot tub is always warm, the atmosphere on the boat is very laid back and with five dives per day right off the dive deck, there's enough diving for everyone. Check out the Spring 2004 Dive Portrait and discover what "Nekton Time" is all about.