Sisters Rock in Speyside
The island of Tobago is generally not on the radar screen of most divers, and that's probably why the reef here is in such good shape. Along with that, the water is fed by the nutrient-rich Orinoco flow for a few months out of the year, which makes for some extremely nice drift diving over some very colorful soft coral seascapes. Trinidad is a more industrialized island, and we found out that Tobago is where Trinidadians go to relax! It's a little secret hideaway, far from the bustling cities, any city for that matter. The island has an innocent charm that will hopefully be retained for a few more years, before the onset of big cruise ships and mass tourism. For now, it's a quiet respite from the mega-resorts of the Caribbean, with rolling hills, pristine shorelines and a plethora of great dive sites.

We visited Peter Hughes' Wind Dancer for a week, and saw the rich marine life that lives beneath the waves here. It's not like the rest of the Caribbean – the water is a bit different, and you'll see it in the Dive Portrait. What's interesting about Tobago is how variable the conditions can be from season to season, so we do plan on returning at a different time of year. In the meantime, leave your worries on the dock and come join us for a unique time aboard the Wind Dancer.